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Looking for an easy, reliable way to maintain your property? Hire the experts at Larlham Landscape Construction Co Inc. Our locally owned and operated business has over 20 years of experience  in taking care of all kinds of properties. No matter how elaborate the job is, we can get it done!

Take advantage of our great prices

We always strive to give you a fair price for our expert landscaping. You deserve a fast, dependable team, and that's what we'll give you!

Complete maintenance services

  • Bed edging and mulching

  • Driveway Renovations

  • Top dressing

  • Shrub pruning

We can look after any kind of property

  • Homes

  • Apartments

  • Condominium complexes

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Easy Property Maintenance

Sprinkler Services

  • Startup

  • Winterization

  • Service plans

  • Water management

  • Water conservations

  • Backflow certification

  • Head replacement

  • Electric zone valves

  • Controller (timer)

  • Electrical troubleshooting

  • Weather sensors

  • Backflow and broken lines

Professional service packages for your benefit

Minimize the high costs due to wasted water when your sprinkler timer malfunctions, plant growth disrupts the system, leaks have started, or the head is broken. We can prevent overspray in unwanted areas and make sure your lawn isn't being under watered. Our plans are created with your budget and needs in mind!


The budget plan:

2 visits per year, the basic spring startup, and winterization. We'll visit at the beginning and the end of your watering season to keep your system in great shape all year.


The standard plan:

3 visits per year and 1 mid-season visit, spring startup, and winterization. We'll perform a comprehensive check of your system. This is a little more than what you can do for yourself so we can find issues that might arise between visits. We can adjust for plant growth and weather at least once a year.


The deluxe plan:

5 monthly visits, spring startup, and winterization. We'll do complete checks of your systems and adjust the timer according to the season. This routine maintenance will always keep you on top of your irrigation system's needs. This plan is designed to help with water conservation, so keep an eye on your system for problems or weather changes affecting the timer.


The premium plan:

6 monthly visits, 2 seasonal visits, spring setup, and winterization. We'll do comprehensive checks of your system and program your timer starting in May and ending in October. If you have a large property or extensive landscaping with annuals and perennials, this package is for you. Keep an eye out for problems, especially from plant growth or extreme weather shifts.


The optimum plan:

14 semi-monthly visits per year, spring startup, and winterization. You'll get a complete check of your system plus seasonal programming for your timer in May and October. If you don't have the time or are away from home for extended periods in the summer, this is the package for you!

  • Tree trimming

  • Spring and fall cleaning

  • Irrigation Maintenance

  • Commercial sites

  • Industrial sites