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Serving Southern Rhode Island

Don't go out of your way to pick up and haul the materials you need to decorate your property. Let Larlham Landscape Construction Co Inc deliver your orders to you, so you can get started quickly and without the strain of transporting them yourself!


Get more details about the load sizes we can handle when you call us today.

We have enough experience to do the job right

We've been serving southern Rhode Island since 1992, so we're familiar with the type of land and what materials might work best in that area. We'll help you find everything you need.

Get all the materials you need right at your doorstep

  • 3/8" - 3/4" screened loam

  • Pine and hemlock mulch

  • Colored crushed stones

  • Cobblestone and marble

  • Blue stone in random sizes

We have a wide selection of sizes

We know no two landscapes look the same. This is why we keep a variety of sizes and colors handy. Our colored stones come in many variants such as blue, white, red, yellow, brown, lavender, and pink, and in 3/8" and 3/4" sizes. Choose us to get the options you deserve.

  • Sand and processed gravel

  • Blue stone dust

  • Patio blue stone

  • Flat wall stone

  • Brick pavers

Fully licensed with the DOT for material deliveries in and out of state.


Pricing is individualized by the size of the load and the location that we are delivering the materials.


Fast Material Delivery

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