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Shrub Trimming

Shabby grass or unkempt shrubs can ruin the look of a beautiful landscape. Choose Larlham Landscape Construction Co Inc for your lawn care needs! You'll get to work with the local dependable experts with 20 years of expertise in maintaining beautiful lawns!

Our 5-step lawn fertilization program is reliable

We've put in our experience of over 20 years to create a great 5-step fertilization program to keep your lawn looking its best all the time! Call today to learn more about it.

Professional lawn care services

  • Professional mowing

  • Balanced fertilization

  • Weed and insect control

You'll love our plant health care program

  • Tree and shrub fertilization

  • Soil testing

  • Property inspections

  • Plant evaluation

  • Insect and disease control

  • Safe, effective tick & mosquito control

  • Complete tree care

  • Ornamental pruning and tree removal

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Skillful Lawn and Tree Care

  • Overseeding

  • Aeration

  • Thatching

  • Soil testing